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May Crow's Nest

A redacted version of the May Crow's Nest (with sensitive squadron information removed) is now available and can be obtained through the following link. Members can view a non redacted version of the Crow's Nest by logging in.

May Crow's Nest

Squadron Roster

A 20 March 2017 update to the Squadron Roster is now available to squadron members. You must be logged in to access it.

The District 9 Roster is available on the D/9 website (MyUSPS login required)

Information on members in other squadrons or districts can be found in the Information Center of the USPS website (USPS login required.)

USPS Member Benefits

Information on the special benefits members of USPS® receive.

Why are Benefits important?

With the economy tightening and more competition for people to join organizations like USPS, benefits provide a tangible reason for people to stay involved or get involved.

It's a simple mathematical equation.  If a membership cost $75 and the actual financial benefits of being a member are $150, the member will be doubling their money.

We are not suggesting that you overlook the intangible benefits like the satisfaction that one gets from participating with an organization like USPS in outreach or the social aspects of hanging with others who have a similar love of boating, but a financial incentive will more often than naught, close the deal.

Use the link below to see the some of the special benefits available to USPS® members.

Click to see some of the member benefits that are available to USPS members.

VHS Video Library

One of the best kept secrets of Lansing Sail & Power Squadron is our video library. Herein lies the problem. We as members must take the responsibility to sign out each videotape, and return in good condition within a reasonable amount of time. Contact the Commander if you wish to view any of the videotapes listed below. Videos may be checked from the May meeting to the September meeting, otherwise there is a three month time limit. No more than five (5) videos may be checked out at one time. You can arrange for pickup and return prior to each general monthly meeting and/or during scheduled class sessions. The long winter hours are a good time to view these videos so reserve your copies now!

View Video List...

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