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If you're really serious about having a fun time, join us. Take courses to become a more proficient boater, join your fellow members on cruises and rendezvous, and participate in civic service activities. You may also be interested in our Member Benefits.

After filling out an application form and paying your annual dues, you will be assigned a certificate number and registered to receive our national magazine—The Ensign and our electronic newsletter—COMPASS. The certificate number will allow you to take member courses and provide access to member only areas on both the national and squadron websites. You will receive a new member’s kit and a membership card.

USPS is composed of individual squadrons around the country. Squadron's are the backbone of the organization. You will be a member of Lansing Sail & Power Squadron. The squadron teaches courses, performs civic services such as vessel examinations and cooperative charting, as well as conducting boating and social activities.

What will USPS membership mean to you?

  • You will have a great variety of courses to choose from: As a USPS member, you and your family can enroll in a great variety of boating courses. In addition, USPS offers a Seminar Series and more than two dozen self study courses. More information can be found in the Education section of the website.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet with other boaters in your area. As a member of the Lansing Squadron you will join with other knowledgeable boaters in your area who are familiar with the local waters, the best anchorages, and marinas and boat repair shops. For the relatively new boater, you can meet another boater with whom to cruise.

  • You can participate in a variety of on water activities. As a USPS member you're automatically invited to join in the squadron and district cruises, rendezvous, predicted log contests, rafting and other on-water activities.

  • You will be able to participate in squadron social events, parties, picnics, dinner dances and attend meetings with speakers of interest.

  • You will be able to network through USPS with other members throughout the USA, Canada and even more distant areas. Thinking of boating in a river, lake or ocean far from your home? USPS has a Port Captain program which will provide names and telephone numbers of local USPS members who know the territory.

  • You will be able to participation in various community projects, Boat Shows and National Safe Boating Week and provide a service to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by providing revisions to exiting charts through our Cooperative Charting Program.

  • You will be eligible for many member benefits including lower insurance rates with additional discounts for Education Achievements.

  • You will receive the official USPS magazine The Ensign® and Lansing Power Squadron's newsletter, The Crow's Nest.

  • You will be allowed personal tax deductions for selected USPS expenses for District, Squadron and National participation because of USPS's 501(c)(3) tax status.

The only requirements for membership are a keen interest in boating related activities and an eagerness to meet like minded people.

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Lansing Sail & Power Squadron is a unit of United States Power Squadrons and part of District 9.